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Asking Fr. Nicolas Questions

December 1, 2009

In court — if that’s what it takes to get a pastoral response from Jesuits — my lawyer and I get to ask questions.

I want to ask Fr. Nicolas questions.

I wonder how a Jesuit superior general can be known for his personal interest and experience in ministry and do such a lousy job appointing Jesuit provincials with ministry skills.

Prov. #3, Doug Marcouiller, shows no promise in that area.   Probably the only people he cares about are other Jesuits.

Prov. #1 knew how to treat people like people  — he was a clear communicator, he was attentive in conversations, and he wasn’t afraid.  Prov. #2 was simply weird, and I’m not the only one who thought so.  He mostly bailed out, allowing the abuser to harass me after I was found credible and allowing the abuser to breach the agreement.  And now there is Prov. #3.

Prov. #3 has to do better and doesn’t seem inclined to.

I want to ask Fr. Nicolas about that.  I want to ask Fr. Nicolas how prov. #2 could fuck up so much.  I want to ask how much supervision Jesuit provincials get.  I want to know how Jesuit provincials who tell lies about abusers are punished in the Jesuit order.  Why isn’t prov. #2 removed from ministry?  How did he get his next job — now — as rector of a Jesuit formation house?  I want to ask a ton of questions about that.

Asking Fr. Nicolas questions will be the highlight of going to court.  The structure of the Jesuit order takes everything to the superior general, Fr. Nicolas, and I also wrote to him.   I want to ask him if he thinks he is effective, after I remind him of all the problems he ignored.

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