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The Downhill Slide of Missouri Jesuits

November 30, 2009

In 2003, when I made my first report to the Missouri Jesuit province about the Jesuit who sexually assaulted me, they talked to me and dealt with me like I’m a person.   I had no idea then how remarkable that is.   To be treated like a person.

The provincial took calls and never rushed.   He was furious and worried about other women who were hurt by the Jesuit abuser.  He said to call him whenever I wanted to talk.   We had three conversations, all at key times.   I am not a talker and really don’t like phones.   We both saw it the same way.  Have a conversation when it matters.   We both could listen too.

That provincial, Frank Reale, left later in 2003, when his term was up.   Tim McMahon came next.  During the first half of  McMahon’s term, the abuser’s relatives harassed me on the internet whenever I shared my experience with other abuse survivors.  (Under Missouri law, that’s cyber stalking.)   McMahon did not do anything about it for two years, and when he finally said something it was “it’s not our responsiblity”.    Frank Reale would have stopped it at the beginning.

Then I learned the abuser has been violating the legal agreement since at least 2006.  McMahon lied about it, flagrant lying.  He would have allowed more violations but I wrote to the school and the parish where violations were taking place, and told Fr. Nicolas.

McMahon left over the summer 2009, with his term finished, but this situation isn’t finished.

Now I am dealing with Doug Marcouiller, provincial #3.   Marcouiller hasn’t figured out how to have a conversation either.  I’m a case.

From prov #1 to prov #2 to prov #3, in less than six and a half years, all down hill.

It looks like court is the only option left, so that’s where I’m headed.  Court would never be my first choice, but there are some good things.  We can ask Tim McMahon and Doug Marcouiller and Fr. Nicolas questions — and  the abuser too.   The abuser will be in a court room.   So there are advantages to going to court, if that’s what’s needed.

All this shit, because of that Jesuit, and what he did to my life.

I will hold Jesuits accountable.

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