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Lying and Religion

November 28, 2009

I majored in philosophy at Holy Cross and loved it, but didn’t agree with the guidance that I should go on for a PhD.  I’ve never regretted that decision, though the reason I had then no longer applies.  Then, I kept telling people, “But I have nothing to say.”   How can you go on for a PhD and teach if you have nothing to say?  I had some fabulous teachers who had things to say.

Of course, that all changed.  I have plenty to say.   Plenty.   It changed for me at around 30.   And there’s been no let up.

I wonder a lot about how religious people tell lies, especially people in leadership roles.   If you need a refresher, google what the Irish Catholic church is saying about why they lied about rape and sexual abuse and allowed more human beings to be raped and sexually abused.  Look up what the American Catholic church said about their lies and cover ups about all the people who were raped and sexually abused.

The Jesuits are lying in 2009 — and it is no different.   It’s no different at all.  Lying, because in some way the truth will be costly and uncomfortable.

Jesuits engage in a daily examen of consciousness.

I wonder how that works with lying — but the American and European churches found comfort with it awhile ago.

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