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The Catholic Church and its Liars

November 27, 2009

In the past 24 hours, I’ve read and heard a lot from liars in the Catholic church, and it re-opened recent wounds.

A commission in Ireland released a long awaited report on sexual abuse by clergy and the shocking pattern of lies from church authorities who covered it up.  You would think, from what Irish bishops are saying, that change is coming.

If the US church is any example, the Catholic church will continue to tell lies.  Seven years after it made public apologies for lies and cover ups and promised not to do it again, the Catholic church in the US is still lying.

I caught the last two Missouri Jesuit provincials telling lies about the 2003 agreement they signed after finding me credible.   Prov. #2 lied about the abuser’s actions that breached the agreement.  Easy to prove that he lied. Prov. #3 lied when he said the abuser has always denied it — the abuser apologized twice — and it’s not even relevant, after they found me credible and told me they did not believe him.  Prov. #3 also failed to address prov. #2’s lies about breaching the agreement, because he would have to lie too.

I read an article about a talk prov. #2 recently gave, about lies.  He was focusing on the lies told and the cover up by political and military officials after six Jesuits and two women were murdered in San Salvador twenty years ago.  And the lie that one human life is worth more than another, and that it took the deaths of Jesuits to focus efforts on stopping the killing.

Jesuits — along with Catholic hierarchy — will talk about and expose the lies of others, but not look at their own actions unless they are caught and exposed.

It’s no fun, any of this, and the cost on me is huge … but the lying has to stop, and I will make sure of that.

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