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The Challenged Ethics of Missouri Jesuit Provincials

August 24, 2009

In the letter I received from Douglas Marcouiller, the new provincial, he wants me to rely on his new promises, such as any travel of the abuser outside the St. Louis area will be reviewed in advance.  He also cited promises made by Tim McMahon, the prior Missouri Jesuit provincial in a letter McMahon sent in July before his term ended, about the abuser’s activities in Germany.

But Marcouiller also referred to a promise made when Frank Reale was the Missouri Jesuit provincial.  You know what Marcouiller said?   He said it’s just a promise.  It’s not in the legal agreement.

Sounds like he is ethically compromised.  Double standards.

So I wrote Marcouiller a letter, and sent it to Fr. Nicolas too.   I told him since he would not respect promises that are not in a legal agreement, he will have to put his and McMahon’s new promises in a legal agreement.

I told him what other things to include.

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