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Prov. #3’s Errors, Omissions and/or Lies

August 21, 2009

It looks like it’s now standard practice of the Missouri Jesuit provincial leadership to lie or ignore facts.

When prov. #3 wrote to me, he 100% failed to address violations in public priestly ministry.  He did not address a single one.   They include presiding at a liturgy, engaging in parish ministry, public priestly ministry with an organization called Catholic Match, and giving a public prayer before the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Prov. #3, the Economist, did not address any of these issues.  Silent.

He continued the province’s poor job of trying to finesse the violations of restrictions banning teaching — but I will save my thoughts on that for court, if it’s needed.

So, I don’t see any improvement, but Prov. #3 writes a better letter, and he will be my “partner” for the court action if that’s where this is going.

Fr. Nicolas will be part of the court action too.

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