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Fr. Nicolas, again, part two

August 21, 2009

I did write to Fr. Nicolas again,  yesterday, feeling like I had no choice when prov. #3 was silent about the violations on public priestly ministry in his letter and failed to get back to me about the errors he made.

I have to keep Fr. Nicolas informed because this situation began with lies.  That was the only reason I wrote to Nicolas in the first place:  the Missouri provincial, Tim McMahon, prov. #2,  lied when I told him about violations.  That meant other violations would happen, by a known Jesuit abuser.

Then things got worse.  More violations were planned.  And more lies followed.   Fordham University’s president had to intercede and stop the Missouri provincial from allowing the abuser to appear at Fordham.   McMahon then sent another lying letter, with false statements that were easily proven untrue.   Nicolas didn’t do anything.

Marcouiller, prov. #3, came on board on July 31.   In his recent letter, he made mistakes, overlooked very significant violations (like the abuser presiding at a liturgy when he did not have faculties as a priest), and has not made any effort to correct mistakes and the things he overlooked.   There are other problems with his letter that I’ll let my lawyer handle if we go to court, because I found a pattern.

Since Fr. Nicolas is the boss, and he is responsible for the provincials’ actions, I am making sure he has all the information.   He doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it, but the buck stops with him, and I have to do my job of keeping him informed.    I suspect, in the end, I will prove how ineffective he is.

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