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Everything is About Money

August 19, 2009

Money, and only Money, first, for the Missouri Jesuits.  No integrity.  No responsibility.

One very clear thing that I’ve been able to see since April, when I first discovered the breaches, is the Missouri Jesuit provincials, first Tim McMahon, and now Douglas Marcouiller, are putting money first.  Integrity is not even in the picture.

The cost to me  — due to the breaches and the subsequent irresponsible behavior — has been very significant, which I recently have been documenting for court.

The province has lied repeatedly, then walked away from lies and found something else to say to avoid taking responsibility.   It’s one thing after another.

The president of Fordham recently had to stop the abuser from teaching there, intervening himself because the Missouri provincial was allowing it even though it was banned in 2003.

The parish in Germany recently had to take action to remove the abuser because the Missouri provincial wasn’t doing anything about it and had allowed him to stay on the parish staff after public priestly ministry was banned in 2003.

This is a pattern with Missouri Jesuits.   Like alcoholics, they need intervention.

I discovered other patterns, which I’ll let my attorney take a crack at.

It all comes back to not taking responsibility — because of money.

It’s quite a big change from the first provincial I dealt with, Frank Reale, who never would have let these things happen in the first place.  Integrity first, with Frank.   And then, when you take responsibility, you don’t have such big problems to deal with later.

After I got Douglas Marcouiller’s letter, I wrote back and suggested he call me.  I did not hear from him yet.

In the meantime, I am putting all the papers in order for court, if that’s the way to go.

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