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A Referendum on Inept Jesuit Supervision of Abusers

August 16, 2009

There are advantages to going to court.

I have never had to solve a problem in court.  Most people don’t.  And 90% of the people who file suit are able to settle their disputes without a trial.

But that’s what I envision when I picture where this dispute with the Missouri Jesuits can go:   to trial, and the chance to ask Adolfo Nicolas questions under oath, along with the lying Tim McMahon and the mute Douglas Marcouiller.  I want to ask them about all of it.   Every single violation, and every single lie, and all about Jesuit supervision.

If they are not going to work it out with me, we will work it out in a courtroom, all the way.

I’ve been reasonable:  I explained and documented and proved their violations of the legal agreement and their failures in supervision.   I carefully explained how I think it should be resolved.

What did I get in response ?  Tim McMahon’s lies and allowance of more legal violations, and Douglas Marcouiller’s silence.   I got Adolfo Nicolas being totally ineffective in supervision.

It is simple in a lot of ways.   If this can’t be resolved in a mutually agreeable way, with civility and respect, we can see it resolved at trial.    I envision that day.  Frankly, that’s their choice too, with their failures to address it.

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