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To Fr. Nicolas

August 14, 2009

Dear Fr. Nicolas:

I am writing to be sure you have knowledge that Fr. Douglas Marcouiller, SJ, the provincial you appointed to lead the Missouri province, has been 100% non-responsive.   Fr. Marcouiller has been non-responsive despite the fact you told me you would bring these serious problems to his attention.

Fr. Marcouiller’s non-responsiveness follows very reckless lies by his predecessor.   I can’t recall any other time when an adult in a leadership position has lied so flagrantly.   You are welcome to see the proof I have.  I offered it to you previously, but you did not respond.

I want to be clear, also, that Fr. Marcouiller has known about these serious problems for nearly two months, prior to the time he became provincial.

Please be sure to respond to these problems.  I am documenting the ineffective supervision in the Jesuit order, which allowed abusers to continue abusing others and to flourish in the Society of Jesus.   I don’t see any evidence that that has changed.



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