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The Dishonesty of Missouri Jesuits

August 12, 2009

Prov. #2 and Prov. #3 were quoted recently about wanting to open more schools in St. Louis, targeting low income and “disadvantaged” populations.

Great idea, but wrong people for the work.

Prov. #2 and Prov. #3 are unable to address the problems and harm done by their own Jesuits at the schools they already have and work at.

Prov. #2 has sent a known Jesuit abuser back to work in Jesuit schools.  Prov. #3 has not addressed it.  (Prov. #1 never would have allowed it.)

Until the Missouri Jesuits know how to hold themselves accountable, they should stay out of schools.

And if Prov. #2 leads any of these new schools in St. Louis, I will personally arrange and help get the word out about him in the community.  “If one of these Jesuits raped a student, what would you think if the Jesuits let him keep teaching?   That’s what Missouri Jesuits do.”

Trust me.  I am reliable.  I will be there.

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