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Day 13 under Prov #3

August 12, 2009

Tomorrow will finish Prov. #3’s second week on the job, and I haven’t heard from him.   It will also be 111 days since I first reported to the Missouri province that the Jesuit abuser had breached the restrictions that were placed on him in 2003 after he was removed from ministry and teaching.   The earliest breaches I found were in 2006, and they extended into 2009.   With the knowledge of the last Missouri provincial, who left at the end of July, the abuser was going to breach the restrictions again by teaching at Fordham.  The president of Fordham, Joseph McShane, intervened and stopped it, and told me so.

So far, there has been no accountability, apology, reparation or commitment to do better from the province.

It is a far cry from the ways of the Missouri province leadership under prov. #1, Frank Reale, who made the original agreement in 2003.

I am still waiting to see if prov. #3 says “We failed and we’re sorry”, or “Prove it in court”.

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