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Will Prov. #3 or Fr. Nicolas or Archbishop Carlson address the lies?

August 6, 2009

I think this is one of the main issues right now.

Prov. #2 began with lies in May and tried to end this with lies in July, with no accountability, apology or reparation for what actually happened, and not addressing the problems.

He lied the last time in July.   But I had brought all these problems to Fr. Nicolas’ attention two months earlier,  in May,  after the first lies and failures to address breaches.  So Fr. Nicolas was alerted to the problems before they occurred again, and all he did was refer it back to the person who had lied in May.   In other words, there is no effective supervision in the Jesuit order.   Not when I was sexually assaulted, and not in 2009.

I decided to keep Fr. Nicolas fully informed until it’s addressed and see what he does.

I am also keeping Archbishop Carlson informed because he’s there.

It’s on Prov. #3’s desk.   And I’m curious about the lies.

There at least three people who can make sure this is addressed.

(And in case anyone wonders, yes — the toll of dealing with all of this is enormous.  Nothing like finding you’ve been lied to about the Jesuit who sexually assaulted you, and no one followed through and supervised.   If you’re nearby, feel free to stop by for a beer.   I have plenty.)

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