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Is Fr. Nicolas effective as leader of the Jesuits?

August 3, 2009

Fr. Adolfo Nicolas was chosen as leader of the wordwide Jesuit order last year.   If I met him in person, I bet I’d like him.   He is described as optimistic and cheerful in media stories.

But this is the side of Fr. Nicolas that I’ve had experience with.

I first contacted him by letter on May 15, 2009.  The only reason I contacted Fr. Nicolas is that Tim McMahon (prov. #2) had lied and said the abuser never breached the agreement — which meant that Tim McMahon would not address ongoing breaches.  That’s a big problem with a known abuser.  After other futile attempts to communicate with McMahon, I wrote to Fr. Nicolas about the lying.

Fr. Nicolas wrote back in June, and said he would bring the issues to McMahon’s and provincial #3’s attention.

McMahon’s behavior worsened.   I saw that the Missouri province allowed the abuser to schedule another breach of the agreement by teaching at Fordham in September.   I also learned about other breaches.   I had already informed McMahon that the president of Fordham told me the abuser would never be allowed back, but McMahon ignored this.

I kept Fr. Nicolas informed.   It made no difference.

I contacted the president of Fordham, who took action.  He made sure the university rescinded the invitation to teach, and that the Missouri provincial told the abuser to never come back.

And then I received a letter from McMahon, with reckless lying.   He made statements that were easily proven false, about the abuser teaching and engaging in ministry in violation of the agreement.

And all during this time, I had kept Fr. Nicolas informed, and things got worse.

Now there is a very recent history of reckless lying and routine breaches of the agreement to monitor an abusive Jesuit — and a new provincial.

So far, nothing has been addressed.

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