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One Fun Update

August 1, 2009

The perp no longer lives with the provincial.

Of course, provincial #2 is gone now, but I figured out something even though I am not in St. Louis.

Some advocates for victims of abusive priests in St. Louis have been helping me with information, since I am not there. They got more than 90% of things right.

But…. their information about the perp living with the provincial is not current — from what I can tell.

Yes, the perp lived and probably still lives at province headquarters.   The switchboard lady volunteered it.  “He lives right here at province headquarters.”   The perp lives where the provincial works.

But McMahon doesn’t live there. The provincial used to. The provincial lives somewhere else now. One of these days I’ll take a trip down there and see if it’s just down the hall or around the corner.    I’ll do it myself.

Sometime soon I’ll check it out on google maps.

Accuracy matters to me, so that’s the latest on that.   The perp sees the provincial every day at province headquarters and they eat and pray together.  The provincial sleeps somewhere else.

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