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Provincial #3 on Truth

July 31, 2009

Provincial #3, Douglas Marcouiller, begins today.  Here’s an excerpt from a talk he gave recently to high school students, followed by my questions for provincial #3.

“What would a community of truth look like?

…The world is full of false gods who want to be worshipped …. idols who are never satisfied….. deceitful spirits that trip us up and trap us, as St. Ignatius said…..  But the truth will set us free.

What we are here for is to help one another……(to serve) the one true God, the God who in becoming human taught us the truth that we, too, are most ourselves when we are for others.”


My questions for Provincial #3:

Will you minimize what happened so you can minimize your response?   Will you try to grasp what I experienced with the betrayal of  trust I placed in the province in 2003?  Will you be defensive or understanding?  Can you find a way to a mutually agreeable solution?

After six and a half years of dealing with the Missouri Jesuits, I found that words and actions matched Ignatian ideals of being people for others in the first six months, but the last six years were full of deceit and an overriding ethos that put victims of abusive Jesuits on the outside.  The worst of it was in the past three months, with overt lies and deceitful words.

So let’s see what the future holds.  It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

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