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Reality Check

July 29, 2009

Local news here recently led with two stories about two young women in their early 20’s and male perpetrators.

The first woman, 23, had a chance to escape from a moving van, after a man had knocked her down from behind, dragged her to a van and held her at gunpoint, made her strip naked, and said he was going to rape and kill her.   She jumped over the back seat and out the front passenger door when the van was moving. The perp was arrested a few days later after she and other witnesses provided descriptions.

The other woman, 24 now, was attacked and raped on a bike path on a Saturday afternoon, and cooperated with very good cops who caught the perp two years later.  The story was about his pleading guilty, getting 20 years, and the victim’s profound impact on all the law enforcement people involved who couldn’t stop talking about her help in catching him.

I’m mentioning this because the current #2 Jesuit provincial, with one day left, thinks sexual abuse by a Jesuit priest is about “relationships” with women.

Not for me, and not for these two women.

Reality check.

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