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A Letter to Provincial #3

July 29, 2009

Rev. Douglas Marcouiller, SJ
4511 West Pine Blvd.
St. Louis, MO   63108-2191

Dear Fr. Marcouiller:

I am taking time out of my busy day to point out another problem to you.

Yesterday, I faxed a letter with many attachments, to show you the indisputable facts in this case in the midst of reckless lying by your predecessor.

One attachment was from a student calendar at Georgetown, which shows that O’Connell gave a lecture in a student colloquium.   Fr. McMahon has recklessly lied and said O’Connell only gave talks to “professional gatherings”.  (In fact, all the lectures I learned about took place at Jesuit universities, and were open to students.)

I am writing again to point something else out to you.

When O’Connell made this presentation to students in 2008, he said he was from Loyola University Chicago — although he had been forced to resign in 2003, five years earlier, after I was found credible.  You can see this on the attachment I provided.

In case you think this was an accident, you can review other documents and see that O’Connell said he was from Loyola when he was at Georgetown, and said he was from Georgetown when he was at Fordham.

Lies all over the place, from O’Connell and McMahon.   And you’d be surprised how often Jesuits give talks and sermons about truth.  (I’ve taken note.)  There was very inept supervision and a lot of effort to cover it up.


c:    Archbishop Carlson
Rev. Adolfo Nicolas, SJ

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