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Taking Stock

July 26, 2009

I discovered the Jesuit abuser had breached the legal/pastoral agreement in April, when I googled his name.   The breaches covered more than three years.  When Tim McMahon, provincial #2, lied in his response after I told him about it, I contacted Jesuit superior general Adolfo Nicolas.  Fr. Nicolas wrote back and said he asked McMahon and his successor to address it.

I discovered more problems, and more attempts to breach the agreement.   I contacted more people, including Archbishop Carlson, lawyers, my bishop, and canon lawyers.   And I continued contacting Fr. Nicolas, because that is one place where the buck stops.   The governmental structure of the Jesuits takes you straight to the superior general when the provincial messes up.

And then McMahon lied more, so recklessly and easy to prove.   That really got my attention.  I let Archbishop Carlson and Fr. Nicolas know, and focused my attention on provincial #3 who starts soon and is really already there.

I see new claims developing, if this ever has to become a court case.   Supervision is non-existent or woefully ineffective in the Jesuit order.  When an abuser breaches a legal/pastoral agreement, and his provincial lies about it, and the top guy hasn’t stopped the lying, you really catch on to how Jesuits do things.

I’ll learn a lot with provincial #3.  Today is really the first time I can say that.  I didn’t want to count on it.

That’s the latest.

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