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It’s 2002 All Over Again

July 26, 2009

Do you remember when Cardinal Law stepped down in Boston?  He was caught lying, intentionally lying, while he had the true facts in his files.

I caught Tim McMahon doing the same thing: intentionally and recklessly lying, habitually.

When he lied in May, I contacted his supervisor, the Jesuit superior general Adolfo Nicolas.   Fr. Nicolas wrote back and told me he asked McMahon and the next provincial to address it — but it got worse.   I told Archbishop Carlson and the Apsotolic Nuncio about these issues too.

And then McMahon lied again, in a letter to me that he also sent to Archbishop Carlson.   So McMahon didn’t just lie to me, he lied to the Archbishop — and he lied after Fr. Nicolas had told me this would be addressed.  I had written to Nicolas specifically about lying — and the lying got worse.

So when I wrote back to McMahon about the lies he told, I sent a copy of my letter to Archbishop Carlson, and later I sent it to Fr. Nicolas.

McMahon has supervisors, and I want to see it addressed.

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