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From Provincial #1 to Provincial #2 to Provincial #3

July 26, 2009

Provincial #1:

“I again want to thank you for entrusting your painful story to us.  Despite the suffering involved in its telling (and hearing), it is my conviction that the truth will “set us free” and that in the end light will overcome darkness…..

In the name of the Jesuits of the Missouri Province I have made the decisions described in this letter with profound hope that they will prevent any possibility of future abuse, and that they will help bring healing and peace to your spirit and closure to a most painful chapter in your life.

I promise you that you have been, and will remain, very much in my prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Frank Reale”


Provincial #2

Deceit, breaching the agreement provincial #1 made more than a dozen times, lying about it, and recklessly lying some more.  Minimizing it.   Lying again, recklessly.

We hope you find healing somewhere because it won’t come from us.

Timothy M. McMahon, SJ


Provincial #3, starts on Friday

My prediction:   court, media, telling the story, and getting it all out there, from New York to Missouri to Rome.

There is no effective supervision in the Jesuit order — no supervision of Jesuit abusers and no supervision of Jesuit provincials, no supervision at all.

Stay tuned.

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