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Tim McMahon is a Liar

July 24, 2009

And I wrote a letter telling him so.

I doubt this will be my last post about Tim McMahon, but it’s my number one thought as he begins his last week, with a change of leadership on July 31.

McMahon wrote in May and then again on July 17, and both times he lied.

The Jesuit abuser was “missioned” to do “research and writing” in his field, with teaching expressly forbidden.   McMahon allowed him to teach many times, then lied and said it wasn’t a breach but it will now stop.   What a cad.

The Jesuit abuser cannot engage in public priestly ministry but gave the public prayer before the St. Patrick’s Day parade — McMahon lied and said there was no violation.

The Jesuit abuser presided and celebrated his 50th anniversary at a parish in Berlin at a Sunday mass — McMahon lied and said the abuser never engaged in public priestly ministry.

The Jesuit abuser is prohibited from engaging in public priestly ministry, but the Jesuits have allowed him to stay on the staff of a parish in Berlin.   McMahon lied.

I found these breaches by “googling” the abuser’s name in April.

And why didn’t the abuser’s Jesuit supervisor find the breaches through google?

They violated the agreement intentionally.

And McMahon is lying about it.

Tim McMahon,  the liar.   What a big fat liar — and he knows it.

I hope he finds a place in hell — something I never even thought about for the abuser (because I couldn’t think about the abuser).

Tim McMahon in hell.  I don’t know a better way to say it.

I hope I get a chance to say it in court.

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