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I got a beautiful letter from the president of Fordham

July 24, 2009

Fordham is one of the places where the Jesuit abuser went after the legal/pastoral agreement said no teaching.  He went to Georgetown too.

The president of Fordham wrote back once before, in May, and told me the abuser would never be allowed back.   If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know those are interesting words.   How, exactly, does a president of a university with multiple campuses know who is there?  And just how easy would it be for me to prove him wrong?

Well, the Jesuit abuser made plans to go back to Fordham in September, and I thought for my case with the Missouri Jesuits it would be good to catch him, on video, and show a jury some day.   And then I remembered the president of Fordham had written back to me — could have skipped it — and took that stand, never allowed back.    And so I let him know about the problem a couple weeks ago.

And the problem was solved.  O’Connell is not going to be at Fordham as scheduled in September, and the Missouri provincial and O’Connell know he is not welcomed back, ever.   All communicated.

I got the letters from the Missouri Jesuit provincial and the Jesuit president of Fordham on the same day.   Fordham totally in my corner, and beautiful, and Missouri very confused, lying and silent about other things that matter.

I bet Fordham has its issues and stories I don’t know.   But they do some things right.  I don’t ignore kindness on this weird journey.

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