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Telling the Story

July 22, 2009

Back when I was dealing with Jesuits in ’03 and ’04, sometimes when I got EXASPERATED I wanted to tell my story, publicly, and say what  this  is  like.  I hadn’t been public before, but when I got fed up I just wanted to be heard by other people.

Phil, the Jesuit I was dealing with most at the time, said “I don’t think you know how your story would sound.”

His words didn’t sway me either way, but I remembered them and the discouraging tone.

Along comes 2009 and the Jesuits breaking their promises and their legal and pastoral agreement and the perp living with the provincial, and every time I talk to an advocate or lawyer, I say, “I want this story to be told, if they make me have to fight.”

And I get totally unexpected responses.

“You have a good story for the media.”

“There are ways to do this…..”

“Missouri (where the legal case has to go) has protections for crime victims….”

“If you do it this way…… the focus will be on the abuser, as it should be, not on you.”

I sighed.   Not such a big deal to tell the story after all.

This long strange journey continues.

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