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A little secret

July 21, 2009

I’ve been focusing on Tim McMahon because I don’t want to focus on provincial number 3, who starts on the 31st.   (And there’s a lot to say about provincial number 2 to fill the time).

Provincial number 3 is a blank slate.   I don’t want to daydream about him, and wanted to hold back until the week before he starts.

After provincial number 1 did a very good job, and provincial number 2 was so untrustworthy,  I just don’t want to “invest” in provincial number 3 until I know something.

I want to see him clean this up, and for us to figure out how to handle it when “just forgetting about it” led to huge mistakes last time — and then forget about it, because the system will work.  Provincial number 1 never, ever, ever would have messed up so much.  How come?

I want to figure out how to trust the province again, just enough, and move on.

Frankly, I think provincial number 3 has an “easier” job, don’t you?  Just do better.

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