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There were Options

July 20, 2009

Tim McMahon wasn’t forced to break the legal/pastoral agreement.  He chose to.

The agreement says how things will be done if any changes might happen.   It says for most things the board that advises the Missouri Jesuits will consider it too, and I will be included.   The only exception from “most” was no priestly faculties, which is harder to change.    And all changes have to be in writing.

None of that happened.

Tim McMahon skipped all that.   See, the advisory board and me did not matter.  We disappeared.

Jesuits First.   Don’t believe a single word they say about “collaboration”.  There are too many different kinds of Jesuits, and you can’t trust that.

And if I was a comedian, I could work this part better….  Phil Steele assured me no changes would ever happen, when I asked about that language, about changes.   I think I know Phil well enough to know this isn’t what he meant.

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