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Anniversaries and Evil Deeds

July 19, 2009

People can celebrate anniversaries many ways.   A quiet dinner, a party with friends, a cruise.    For priests removed from public priestly ministry and with no priestly faculties, the options for celebrating their anniversaries are not their traditional ones, no public mass, for example.

But not Jesuits.  No, Jesuits are special.

The agreement between the Missouri province and me did not make any special allowance for the abuser’s 50th anniversary.  The usual provisions applied.  No public priestly ministry and no priestly faculties.

Right.  But that’s not the way Jesuits do things.

The Missouri provincial, Timothy McMahon, knowingly, intentionally and deliberately allowed the settlement agreement to be breached so the abuser could celebrate his 50th anniversary at an 11:00 Sunday mass in Berlin, which they planned ahead of time for that purpose.  Very intentional breach of the agreement.

Jesuits First, and any legal and pastoral agreement they make is insignificant.

But here’s the other part of the story.   I was sexually assaulted by the Jesuit abuser just before his 25th anniversary.  Anyone who knows my story knows I was on a five year plan emotionally afterward.  Every five years, things would fall apart.

And there are the Jesuits, who know this story and found me credible, willingly and intentionally violating the legal and pastoral agreement so they  could celebrate the abuser’s 50th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of him assaulting me, in a Catholic church on Sunday morning.

Special people, those Jesuits.

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