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I wrote to Fr. Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio

July 17, 2009

I considered waiting two or three weeks, for the next provincial to take over, but decided not to.

I realized that if nothing changes after Fr. Nicolas told me it would, then McMahon, the provincial, is in deep denial.  Most likely, he is minimizing everything.

Other factors include having a referral from my bishop, a man who has never minimized what I endured when I was sexually assaulted by a Jesuit who calls himself evil.

I want to see it addressed.  I told Fr. Sambi to expect Jesuits to minimize it, both what I endured and the mistakes they made.

I also decided today to “follow” McMahon to his next job.  If he takes a job as principal or president of a Jesuit high school, I will alert the board to how ineptly McMahon will deal with allegations of abuse, and to make sure to do a stringent background check of any Jesuit hired by McMahon.

And if provincial number three suddenly addresses the problems after he takes over, I can always tell Fr. Sambi that.

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