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The Chosen Idiocy and Lies of Missouri Jesuit Tim McMahon

July 13, 2009

The leadership of the Missouri Jesuits is putting me through hell with deliberate idiocy and lies.

I told Fr. Nicolas that Tim McMahon is a liar, and I can prove it.

The agreement re the abuser Daniel O’Connell says no teaching.  It does not say “no teaching” means semester courses at universities.  It says no teaching, which includes visiting lectures, conferences, seminars, and symposia.  DUH.   But McMahon lies and says no breach, when the evidence is plain to see on the internet.

McMahon let the Jesuit abuser go right back to his regular stomping grounds and call himself a lecturer, breaking the agreement multiple times — and then lying about it.

The agreement says no public priestly ministry and no priestly faculties.    It does not say this only applies to the US, and it’s okay to go preside at a parish in Berlin, Germany.   It says no public priestly ministry and no priestly faculties.  But McMahon lies about that too.

McMahon let the Jesuit abuser go to Berlin multiple times, staying a month at a time, assisting at a Catholic parish, violating the legal agreement — and then lying about it.

I wonder what the penalties are in the Jesuit order for when Jesuit provincials are caught in bold lies about an abusive Jesuit. Are there any penalties?   How about a public flogging?   What are the penalties in the Catholic church?

History says church leaders can do whatever they damn well please.

The galling thing about McMahon is he is a phony when he calls for justice in other places, like the 50th anniversary of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps or participates in the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

I caught him lying to protect a Jesuit abuser’s violation of restrictions on his behavior, which McMahon allowed.

Apparently, so far, in the Catholic Church of 2009 that’s okay.

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  1. vsptruthteller permalink*
    July 14, 2009 7:38 am

    Maybe this is the public flogging I mentioned.

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