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The Jesuit Abuser lives with his Jesuit Provincial

July 12, 2009

I learned recently that the abusive Jesuit, Daniel O’Connell, lives with his Jesuit provincial, Tim McMahon.

I thought the Catholic church had already decided that wasn’t a good idea.   Didn’t Cardinal George have a similar kind of problem?

It was important enough for me to ask, six years ago, if the Jesuit abuser was going to live with the provincial.

See, under the legal agreement the abuser cannot be assigned to a Jesuit community with a sponsored work, such as a university or parish.   I asked the province investigator — the provincial’s assistant at the time, Phil Steele — if that meant the perp was going to be living with the provincial.  Oh no, he said, we have other places for him to live.   He added, “And Frank would never allow that.” Frank Reale was provincial number one.

The Missouri province has gone backwards over the past six years.    I’m sure provincial number two, Tim McMahon, has talents.   All I got was his mistakes.

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