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I wrote to Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis

July 11, 2009

I bet most people in this situation would have contacted the archbishop before I did.   But I am not in St. Louis, and the abuse happened in Italy, and it didn’t cross my mind.   I was wrong.   It’s one of the first things lawyers in St. Louis said to me — that the archdiocese is responsible for this Jesuit’s actions too.

I knew it was past the appropriate time to make contact with the archdiocese after McMahon lied.   The Missouri Jesuits provide inept supervision and then lie about it.  I told Fr. Nicolas first, and I just let him know last week that McMahon has still not addressed anything.   It was then time to tell Archbishop Carlson.    I could tell him about all three problems:   the abusive Jesuit in St. Louis, the inadequate supervision, and the provincial’s lies.  I could also tell him Fr. Nicolas knows about it.

So, more letter writing.   So many letters.   And I still feel like I don’t have the words for it yet.

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