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Can’t find the words

July 11, 2009

It’s just not fair, it is so grossly not fair.

Six years after being found credible, in a difficult, painful re-hashing of the trauma, I AGAIN have to deal with this perp and the Jesuits, because they provided the most inept supervision possible.

I cannot even fathom what happens in situations where there is no legal agreement, simply promises in a meeting or on the phone.  I have a legal agreement.

And I was careful.   I can read, I know contracts law, but I wanted to be sure, so I consulted with St. Louis area contracts lawyers recently.   Yes, no doubt, the contract was breached.   Every example I cited showed a breach.

All this betrayal happened on the watch of Tim McMahon, provincial number two.

But Tim McMahon said the province did nothing wrong.   Because McMahon lied, I contacted Fr. Nicolas, the Jesuit superior general in Rome, his supervisor.  Provincial number three takes over in three weeks.

It’s not fair.    And I just can’t find words for it.

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