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The Deceitful, Slippery Ways of Abusers: An example

July 10, 2009

I just want to highlight something that is easy to explain.

After I was found credible in 2003, and the Missouri Jesuit provincial, Frank Reale (provincial number one) made the Jesuit abuser resign from Loyola,  the abuser still lied and fraudulently said he worked at Loyola.   This happened under Tim McMahon, provincial number two.   For example, in 2008, the abuser visited and taught in a lecture series — violating the legal agreement — at Georgetown, and said he was on the faculty of Loyola, five years after he was told to resign.   Why didn’t his Jesuit supervisor catch this?

You might think this was “an accident”, he accidentally lied five years later or someone else did it, right?

Well, take note of this fact.   When the Jesuit abuser violated the legal agreement at other Jesuit institutions since 2003, under provincial number two, he claimed he was on the faculty of Georgetown, when he has not been on Georgetown’s teaching faculty since the 1990’s.    When he visited Georgetown, he said he was on the faculty of Loyola, even though he resigned five years earlier.

It was all a fraud.   All AFTER I was found credible and we made a legal agreement and they promised strict supervision.

If they can’t even catch this, what else are they missing?

What about the parish in Berlin, Germany?    The legal agreement says NO PUBLIC PRIESTLY MINISTRY and NO PRIESTLY FACULTIES.

Jesuits in 2009 are as bad as the worst bishops in the past.   They are liars, betrayers and not trustworthy.

Okay, so I told Fr. Nicolas, and I told the new provincial who starts in three weeks.   Today I’ll tell the archbishop.

What a life.

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