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I Wrote to Fr. Marcouiller

July 9, 2009

It seems to take a lot of letter writing to deal with the poor supervision of a Jesuit perp.   (I just noticed that this morning.)

I took a cue from Fr. Nicolas, and decided it was time to make contact with McMahon’s successor, Douglas Marcouiller.  I wrote a letter.

I am away in a very rural place right now, so I drove to the rural post office and daydreamed.   I am not the same person I was in 2003, dealing with Frank Reale and his assistant, Phil Steele.   I winced when I remembered that time.  I think I was a better person then, willing to trust.

I am edgy now.   I am wary.   I expect problems.  I will fight if I have to.

So I know I wrote a different kind of letter in July 2009 than I wrote six years ago, to provincial number one.

You know, a lot of things along this way could have and probably should have made me cry, and didn’t.

Sending this letter off to provincial number three is making me a basket case, sitting outside the little rural library using its wireless signal,  writing here.

What a life.

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