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Tim McMahon, SJ: Perp Protector

May 13, 2009

I have the lying, corrupt leadership of the Missouri Jesuits so well covered, I don’t mind saying how:

All changes in the agreement regarding the abuser have to be approved in writing by both parties — the province and me.   I did not approve any changes and wasn’t even asked to.

O’Connell has an assignment to a Jesuit house without a sponsorship to a school or parish — but he has breached this assignment provision by going to schools and parishes.

O’Connell was forced to resign from Loyola and banned from teaching again, but has been teaching as a visitor at Georgetown and Fordham.   That’s still teaching, and it’s at a school, which is also forbidden in his assignment.

O’Connell helps out and visits a parish in Berlin, Germany, but he has no priestly faculties and is barred from public priestly ministry — and he is at a parish, which is also forbidden in his assignment.

O’Connell said the public prayer at the St. Patrick’s Day parade — but is banned from public priestly ministry.

And why do I call the current leadership of the Missouri province lying and corrupt?     All of this is clear and obvious from a reading of the document, but the leadership wants to protect perps and its own inept supervision.

I am going to court, telling this story publicly, and holding the Jesuits accountable.

They left me no other choice.   I reached out to the Jesuits, made my case, and was rudely rebuffed by Tim McMahon, Perp Protector.

Court is for disputes like this.

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