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Court with the Jesuits

May 7, 2009

Going to court with the Jesuits of the Missouri Province will happen. I predict it. McMahon finally said something, written by his lawyer, and I had already sent a letter, with a deadline; we both wrote without seeing what the other wrote, crossing in time. Court takes care of those kinds of disputes.

I had other opportunities for court with the Jesuits, and still do. I’m a NY resident now and at the time when I was abused. I contacted the office of former Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and a NY prosecutor to ask about my rights as an American citizen sexually abused in Italy by an American priest. The Italian consulate contacted me, and we were on the way to pursuing criminal charges a few years ago, when I realized it was time to think about what I wanted.

So using the tools of Ignatian discernment I had learned awhile ago, I pictured the different options, going forward, and what that could mean in all the possible forms, and I pictured not doing anything, and how that would be.

I chose not to pursue it. And why? Because Frank Reale and Phil Steele had promised me that Jesuit abuser would be strictly supervised in a Jesuit residence in Missouri not connected to a school.

That made the difference.

And then along comes Tim McMahon and Mike Harter, who never talked to me when deciding it was ok to break the agreement and allow the abuser to travel to Berlin, to New York City and to Washington, to schools.

And here we are in 2009, and court with the Jesuits is likely again. I am not turning back. There is no accountability in the Jesuit order, none at all. I want to tell this story.


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