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Because of Tim McMahon

May 5, 2009

I started writing about reporting a Jesuit because of McMahon’s silence when the Jesuit perp broke my agreement with the Missouri Province.

When I started writing, I realized the issue of Loyola had never been addressed.

I communicated with more people, sought opinions, and reflected.

McMahon stayed silent, and I discovered more problems I would not have spent time to investigate otherwise.

When there is no response from the wrong doer, court and the media are the only options, so because of his silence I am considering them.

In court, I will tell this story, about all the different types of Jesuits I’ve known.

I am looking forward to it, if that’s what I have to do to address things with this particular Jesuit.

Maybe some day the Jesuits will thank me for what I said. All because of Tim McMahon.


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