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Jesuits Tell Lies

May 4, 2009

I had heard all the bad stuff about Jesuits a long time ago. Then I had my own experiences, which were both good and bad. I had some fine Jesuit professors and an excellent Jesuit spiritual guide. There were Jesuits I avoided because I didn’t like their personalities.

What I found on this journey of reporting a Jesuit abuser is that many Jesuits tell lies. Michael J. Garanzini, president of Loyola, lied the most. He lied about what kind of investigation would be done, lied about providing preliminary reports, lied about being able to make corrections, lied about providing the final report, and lied in the conclusion they had no responsibility.

No doubt he repeated the last lie often.

The Missouri Province of Jesuits is now engaged in massive deceit about the legal agreement we reached, which clearly states that the abuser cannot teach. I found evidence that he has been teaching. The provincial, Tim McMahon, is silent and non-responsive after I brought the breach to his attention. Ten straight days of silence.

I’ve reached out to survivors of clergy sexual abuse — people abused by Jesuits and people who have heard the stories of those abused by Jesuits. They all say the same thing after experiences of reporting the abuse: “I hate Jesuits” or “I despise Jesuits”.

Jesuits are not trustworthy. The sickening, evil thing about that is just because you can trust one Jesuit, does not mean you should ever trust another one. I wasn’t prepared for Tim McMahon right after Frank Reale.

I’m finding I have a new calling in life to tell this story.

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