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My Favorite Book

May 3, 2009

I know there is a connection with this blog and my favorite book, but I’ll save thinking about it for another day.

I bought a book about ten years ago that captured my heart and caught my attention. It’s called “How Far to Follow? The Martyrs of Atlas.” It’s my favorite book.

It’s a beautiful book that expresses love in a believable way. Trappists monks in Algiers had stayed there after receiving death threats, not because they were suicidal but because they knew that the people they had worked alongside of and loved would not be able to leave too. With constant prayer, they said they realized they did not want it this way, but they believed their vocation called them to stay with people who were suffering and didn’t have the privilege of walking away. The book was written by their Abbot General, Bernardo Olivera.

I gave a copy to my bishop when the book was still in print. My bishop was one of the people I told about this Jesuit abuser, and he became a witness for me, speaking up in 2003 when the Jesuits were looking into it.


P.S.  The book is back in print with a new publisher.  I just checked.

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