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Taking Care of Business

May 1, 2009

One thing I discovered after I was found credible, and the Jesuit was forced to resign from Loyola, is he has a relative who is an aggressive lawyer and a few aggressive supporters. Well guess what, I’m a lawyer too. The abuser’s supporters followed me all over the internet and threatened the owners of sites where I posted about my experience. During my long journey of reporting this abuser, I found solace in discussion boards and sharing the community of other people dealing with the same thing. I saved all the material from that time: the harassers, the stalkers, the threats that followed me everywhere I went.

So, I began this blog with a plan for that — for when the abuser’s people try to silence me. See, telling the truth is not defamation.

By the time that happens again, the harassment, I will have a powerful voice and clarity on what to say, and I will go to where you are and tell the story on every street corner, with the letters from the Missouri province and other Jesuits in my hands, quoting them. You won’t know what hit you. Right in your back yard. Go ahead and dare me. You have no idea how nice I’ve been.

I wanted to get that out there because I’ve seen it before. I’ll be ready.


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