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Day 7

May 1, 2009

All the posts on this blog so far — this one and the three below — are being posted on the same day, but they cover a wide time period.

This post is here and now, on Day 7 since I contacted Tim McMahon about the abusive Jesuit violating the agreement I have had with the Jesuits since 2003.

McMahon, the Jesuit provincial, has said nothing — he did not even acknowledge that I contacted him. He has been completely silent, unresponsive and unconcerned. He would be worse than the worst bishop I have heard about, with imperial silence and haughtiness. Why is it so hard to pick up the phone? Why isn’t he concerned that an abusive Jesuit broke a legal agreement? It’s the same old story, protecting priests and protecting himself after he failed in leadership and supervision.

I am nearly speechless about the lack of integrity in this church and in the Jesuit order. It’s a signed agreement with specific conditions that were violated. So now what?

I will simply keep telling the story. I write with the knowledge it could continue for years or be resolved next week. Ignatian spirituality emphasizes finding God in all things, even where you least expect to find God. I can’t find God in this experience. It’s just too maddening and triggers too many bad memories.

So seven days of silence. And this blog was born.



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